Monitor all javascript errors and network activity on your site.
Track and monitor all javascript errors.
Capture all javascript errors and console logs automatically. Identify new errors as soon as users see them.
View all network requests at a glance.
See all network requests made during a pageview. Request size, latency, status, and response data made available like a remote browser console!
Full session playback for the ultimate context.
See exactly how the error happened in the first place by watching a user's entire visit with session replay.
Error Count  
d.getSelection(...) is null
Uncaught Exception
cannot call methods on richcombo prior to initialization
Uncaught Exception
cannot call methods on richcombo prior to initialization
URL Status Size Time
/assets/js/portal.js 200 34KB 84ms 200 16KB 170ms
/assets/js/new/register.js 404 12KB 114ms 200 24KB 42ms 200 4KB 170ms 404 16KB 72ms

Easy, Automatic Error Tracking

Inspectlet instruments your site with advanced, automatic error tracking so you can stay up to date on any issues visitors are facing. Bugs happen, and Inspectlet lets you know in real time to minimize user impact.

Every occurring error, console log, XHR network request, response, latency, and many more variables can be recorded for deep dive troubleshooting. No more guessing when diagnosing the cause of an issue.

Uncaught TypeError: Class extends value undefined is not a constructor or null
    at Object.<anonymous> (application.js:432)
    at __webpack_require__ (loader.js:18)
    at Object.<anonymous> (application.js:3856)
    at Bundler.unpack (bundler.js:1762)
    at Bundler.init (bundler.js:81)

Deep Stack Traces for Full Context

See a complete deep stack trace for the cause of every error for quick, easy debugging and bug reproduction.

Compatible with all modern browsers, Inspectlet augments every error logged with its accompaying stack trace, along with network requests and full session playback.

Setup is a breeze, just drop a few lines of javascript into your site and you'll start seeing data in your dashboard instantly.
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